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Forestry equipment: Used Forwarders

Used forwarders and harvesters from the authorized logging equipment dealer

Logging forwarders are efficient, versatile forest machines designed for cutting-edge forest management. They are equally irreplacable for both towing treating logs and moving between the trees in the woodland getting along without tracks. The most beneficial distinguishing features forwarders stand out for is minimizing environmental damage. Other than that, the following advantages of forwarders might be hightlighted:

  • high performance efficiency, from 150 cubic meters per a single shift
  • low cost of lamber-camp
  • accurate measurement of harvested wood
  • logging opportunities in difficult locations
  • logging work safety
  • reduce production of wood waste.

Powerful harvesters on the lookoout of logging

Forestry harvesters are heavy-loaded powerful vehicles used in logging applications, for uprooting and bucking trees in particular. As far as construction is concerned, a harvester consists of chain saw aimed for cutting trees, a few delimbing knives for removing branches, specified rollers for seizing the tree and measuring wheel for gauging the length of the stem. Forestry harvesters are wide-spread for processing trees up to 900 millimetres (35 in) diameters and those averaging 20 metric tons. The most common advantages of harvesters are as follows:

  • improved efficiency at the expense of speed and logging volume having been increased
  • accuracy of quality of forestry application by virtue of computer calculations
  • opportunities for logging on difficult terrains
  • improved working conditions for operators
  • modern computers enabling easy-to-use performance monitoring.

That being said, to increase logging performance, harvesters get applied combined with forwarders. First a harvester performs tree felling, pruning, and logging in the cutting area and then forwarder comes into play carrying the gone trees from the stump to roadside and transporting sortiments.

Used forwarders for sale and top class after sale support

With a great deal of expertise in the forestry business, we supply forwarders, harvesters, logging equipment as well as spare part for forestry machines in Canada and United States of America. Barring offering the best forwarders Valmet, John Deere, Caterpillar, Timberjack, Rottne, Ponsse, TimberPro, Barko, Logset, our engineering experience allows us to provide most efficient after sales maintenance. Get in touch and we will figure out how to help you!