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Mirabel, QC J7J 1P3
Quebec, Canada
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Chains and Tracks


We distribute many OFA tire chains, including:

  • Truck Chains
  • Tractor Chains (EKO/KONTIO)
  • Twisted Chains
  • Terrain Chains
  • Net Chains with Studs
  • Lug/Ring Chains
  • Flail Chains


We distribute many Clark forestry tracks, including:

  • Terralite Tracks TL85 24/28mm
    • Unique double grouser track plate offers exceptional grip and traction.
    • lite link system offers smooth running with low ground pressure and minimal ground disturbance.
  • Grouzerlite Tracks GL84 24/28mm
    • The latest addition to the Clark line up of track types.
    • Designed to give security and confidence on demanding steep terrain, while providing flotation on ground unable to support non-tracked machines.
  • R50/F15 Combi Tracks 24/28mm
    • Combination track for traction and floatation.
    • Heavy duty for use on large machines.